Armando Martinez

Image 1 Studios Armando Martinez

As a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Armando has been around the world of photography and video production since 2008. Having grown up in Houston and lived in Austin, finding a way to capture the culture and lifestyles of both of those cities was what influenced him to delve into the world of arts and journalism. He began working with Image 1 Studios in July of 2013. When not shooting portraits, he enjoys freelancing as a concert, sports, and event photographer.

Armando’s top tips for having a great photo session:

  1. Bring your smile. A headshot is all about the expression and what you convey with it. I find that most of my clients end up selecting photos where they feel like their smile is the most genuine and inviting, and I’ll be there to help you express that in your portraits.
  2.  Bring an extra article of clothing. Whether it’s an alternate color of blouse or necktie, or a nice jacket or sweater to throw on top of your first outfit, bringing a couple of options can sometimes help to get a couple of different looks for the portraits that we’ll be doing in the session.

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