Courtney Ann Astalfa

Image 1 Studios Court Astalfa

Court Astalfa was born in Utica, NY and spent her defining years living in the neighboring town of Marcy. This former manufacturing region of Central New York State has, since the departure of heavy industry, reinvented itself as an artistic hub. Ms. Astalfa took to this creative atmosphere in childhood, first by embarking on a decades-long study of dance, and later by taking on what would become her life’s greatest passion: the photographic image. As this passion grew Astalfa made the trek to Philadelphia, PA in order to attend Drexel University, where she would later graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography. Since graduating Astalfa has continued to live and work in Philadelphia, her much-loved adopted city. This environment has lent itself well to her personal work, which involves an ongoing chronicle in urban landscape photography. Her study of portraiture is an on-going theme through her work and enjoys meeting new people every day.

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