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 Meet the Amazing Image 1 Studios Photographers

Image 1 Studios Lawrence MeredithLawrence Meredith

As the founder of Image 1 Studios I have had an unusual and nontraditional path into the field of photography. From an early age I have been interested in activities that allowed me to express my creativity. I remember saving up my lawn mowing money as a young teenager in order to buy tools and materials to make handcrafted leather items. I spent hours carving ornate designs into the leather goods I custom cut and created from entire cowhides. Later I worked professionally handcrafting furniture and cabinets mostly in the cold months and then designing and installing landscaping and irrigation systems. I was always an entrepreneur. I worked in the portrait industry in marketing and management at various levels and for numerous national companies for years before I was pushed into photographing when one of my photographers didn’t show. I loved it and was genuinely surprised that my customers were pleased with my work. After several years working in the industry I bought a farm in the hills of Tennessee and got away from the hustle and bustle of promotional photography and settled into a life of developing my land, working a small sawmill I bought, and doing various things to bring in enough income to allow a self sufficient lifestyle. When digital equipment become affordable for me I got back into the field and developed the marketing plan we utilize today based on solid principles of win win relationships and charitable giving built into our everyday operations. I have been blessed with the fortune of finding highly skilled photographers and support staff. As you can see by the following bios, we have much to be both proud of and thankful for our associations with them.

Image 1 Studios Jordan FrakerJordan Fraker

Jordan Fraker has been with Image 1 Studios for over 5 years and has photographed for them in literally every corner of the country. Jordan, born in Dallas, TX, has been photographing for over 11 years. Starting early in his life as a painter, he eventually gravitated towards photography as his creative outlet because of the medium’s harmony of art and science. Jordan received his BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, one of the oldest and most prestigious art schools in the country. After a painstaking process of going digital in 2005, the year he graduated, he stepped away from the conventional darkroom and taught himself the ways of the digital darkroom and all it has to offer. Though the benefits of digital are too long to list, he truly embraces the post-production aspect of modern photography and, of course, he loves to retouch a portrait.

Image 1 Studios Brittany RiouxBrittany Rioux

Brittany has been photographing professionally since 2005. Photography was always a hobby of hers while growing up, but she was given her first professional opportunity assisting a wedding photographer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Since then she has worked with numerous photographers primarily around NYC and Philadelphia. She graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelors in Photography. Image 1 Studios has given her a wonderful opportunity to pursue her passion while traveling and meeting wonderful new people every week.

Image 1 Studios Matthew DastoliMatthew Dastoli

Matthew discovered his love for photography back in 2006 while working as a photo lab technician. After developing 35mm film everyday as a technician, he wanted to learn more about the process so he decided to enroll himself in an Intro to Photography class at his local community college. Once enrolled in the class he became so enthused about the process of photography he immediately knew that’s what he wanted to pursue as a degree. When realizing the photography program was going to be cut out of the curriculum, Matthew chose to transfer schools and pursue his Bachelor of Arts degree at Bridgewater State University in southeastern Massachusetts, majoring in Photography and Graphic Design. He also studied abroad in Florence, Italy where he was introduced to Fashion Photography and Photojournalism, which he thoroughly enjoyed. While attending Bridgewater State University, Matthew not only learned about the process and history of photography both in digital and film, but was he able to be partake in multiple internships with a local portrait photographer as well as a weekly magazine in Boston formally known as the Boston Phoenix. While at the Boston Phoenix, Matthew photographed many popular restaurants, neighborhoods, and music artists in Boston. After graduating Matthew received a position as the campus photographer at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. There he was responsible for the majority of the imagery for their yearly catalog to market the institute. Now he is freelancing and very excited to join the team at Image 1 Studios, ready to meet and photograph new people on a daily basis in the Boston area.


Image 1 Studios Christos Van NathanChristos Van Nathan

Christos Van Nathan is a photographer that lives and shoots in central Tennessee. He is a third generation photographer. His grand father and father were both portrait and product photographers in New York City. Being exposed to their unique and individual talents has allowed him to appreciate the finer aspects of photography. Christos has developed an eye for photography utilizing yesterday’s artistries and today’s technologies. In each image created he devotes his true passion for perfection. Christos never refers to his work as a job. But he sees each image as an opportunity to capture that split second in time that is the moment.

Image 1 Studios Aaron RegnierAaron Regnier

Aaron began his love of photography at a young age and was encouraged by his grandfather who bought him his first camera. He took 35mm film classes in high school and continued as a Photography major at Orange Coast College in 35mm, medium format, digital media, and editing. Aaron went on to become a photographer for Kodak at Disneyland and in just 1½ years, was made a site manager setting many per cap percentage records. Even though it was a great opportunity being a manager, it wasn’t his true passion. Because of his love for people and the art of photography, Aaron was drawn to wedding photography and has been doing weddings for 9 years now. While still photographing weddings, Aaron has found his place working for Image 1 Studios for over 4 years now. “Image 1 Studios has great opportunities and a great team. What more could you ask for?”

Image 1 Studios Regis LawsonRegis Lawson

Regis Lawson has photographed international fashion, products, fine art and cityscapes, eternalizing moments in time for over ten years. Through his camera lens, Regis is able to liberate his mind’s eye, unfolding the ever-changing face of beauty, fashion and artistic direction. A French native, Regis has worked on assignments and commissions for clients in publishing, advertising, fashion and corporate art. He has been expanding his scope to other cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. He currently lives between New Orleans and Atlanta with his fiancée Saran and his dog Pharaoh. Regis is very proud to be a part of the Image 1 Studios family.

Image 1 Studios Edward LianEdward Lian 

When Ed was a little kid, his dad put a lot of emphasis on the importance of time. Time isn’t money. Time is greater than money. Money spent, can always be earned back, time spent is gone forever. Since then, he’s really taken that idea to heart, traveling to the ends of the Earth where he discovered his passion for photography. Photography isn’t  just about taking pretty pictures. It’s about the experience, about making glorious memories, and about immortalizing every magical moment and all the moments in between to cherish for generations to come.

Image 1 Studios Tina PeppardTina Peppard

Tina Peppard is a published photographer with 10 years’ experience with portrait, landscape, animals and event photography and has worked at Image 1 Studios since August of 2010 as an Executive Professional Portrait Photographer. She was born and raised in Minnesota–you betcha!–and is super personable. When photographing, she loves working with people, especially children, and has a knack for capturing that special moment.

Image 1 Studios Ken FrantzKen Frantz

Ken is a photographer based in Chicago, and has worked nationally for over 30 years. He studied at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in photography. Ken has worked for Fortune 500 companies – shooting fashion, lifestyle, and portraits. He enjoys interacting with the people in front of his camera, and is always striving for new and fresh imagery. “I love what I do!”

Image 1 Studios Armando MartinezArmando Martinez

As a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Armando has been around the world of photography and video production since 2008. Having grown up in Houston and lived in Austin, finding a way to capture the culture and lifestyles of both of those cities was what influenced him to delve into the world of arts and journalism. He began working with Image 1 Studios in July of 2013. When not shooting portraits, he enjoys freelancing as a concert, sports, and event photographer.

Armando’s top tips for having a great photo session:

  1. Bring your smile. A headshot is all about the expression and what you convey with it. I find that most of my clients end up selecting photos where they feel like their smile is the most genuine and inviting, and I’ll be there to help you express that in your portraits.
  2.  Bring an extra article of clothing. Whether it’s an alternate color of blouse or necktie, or a nice jacket or sweater to throw on top of your first outfit, bringing a couple of options can sometimes help to get a couple of different looks for the portraits that we’ll be doing in the session.

Image 1 Studios Court AstalfaCourtney Ann Astalfa

Court Astalfa was born in Utica, NY and spent her defining years living in the neighboring town of Marcy. This former manufacturing region of Central New York State has, since the departure of heavy industry, reinvented itself as an artistic hub. Ms. Astalfa took to this creative atmosphere in childhood, first by embarking on a decades-long study of dance, and later by taking on what would become her life’s greatest passion: the photographic image. As this passion grew Astalfa made the trek to Philadelphia, PA in order to attend Drexel University, where she would later graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography. Since graduating Astalfa has continued to live and work in Philadelphia, her much-loved adopted city. This environment has lent itself well to her personal work, which involves an ongoing chronicle in urban landscape photography. Her study of portraiture is an on-going theme through her work and enjoys meeting new people every day.

Image 1 Studios Jennifer IckesJennifer Ickes

Jennifer has had a passion for photography ever since she discovered her desire to document the world and more importantly the people around her. She pursued a formal education in the medium by first attending the Rock Mountain School of Photography’s Summer Intensive program in 2000 and received her BA in Photography from Southern Illinois University in 2004. She has been consistently working in the photographic industry since she began her formal education, typically focusing on the documentation of people. this has given her much experience in the areas of portraits and events. When Jennifer isn’t taking pictures professionally, she’s taking pictures personally, always with a camera in hand.

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