Lawrence Meredith

Lawrence MeredithAs the founder of Image 1 Studios I have had an unusual and nontraditional path into the field of photography. From an early age I have been interested in activities that allowed me to express my creativity. I remember saving up my lawn mowing money as a young teenager in order to buy tools and materials to make handcrafted leather items. I spent hours carving ornate designs into the leather goods I custom cut and created from entire cowhides. Later I worked professionally handcrafting furniture and cabinets mostly in the cold months and then designing and installing landscaping and irrigation systems. I was always an entrepreneur. I worked in the portrait industry in marketing and management at various levels and for numerous national companies for years before I was pushed into photographing when one of my photographers didn’t show. I loved it and was genuinely surprised that my customers were pleased with my work. After several years working in the industry I bought a farm in the hills of Tennessee and got away from the hustle and bustle of promotional photography and settled into a life of developing my land, working a small sawmill I bought, and doing various things to bring in enough income to allow a self sufficient lifestyle. When digital equipment become affordable for me I got back into the field and developed the marketing plan we utilize today based on solid principles of win win relationships and charitable giving built into our everyday operations. I have been blessed with the fortune of finding highly skilled photographers and support staff. As you can see by the following bios, we have much to be both proud of and thankful for our associations with them.

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